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Hi, I am so happy to hear from you! It truly has been a lifelong endeavor to be able to meet you. My name is Aaron Underwood I am a Self-taught Fused Glass Designer. I currently happily reside in Port. St. Lucie Florida. I learned how to master the Art of Glass Fusing on my own in my spare time living and working in Skagway Alaska 2005. Beauty and abundance are everywhere in Alaska and I was richly rewarded for my newfound Artwork. I had so much to share with the World and was able to Truly express myself through patterns, shapes, textures, and colors. Conceptual designs flowed through me and I made my First Collection of 500 pieces. I made the most of my gifts and abilities and decided to move to Taxco Mexico to Meet Miguel Angel Sobrino Perez. He is a master Artisian and lives and works out of Taxco Mexico. Miguel Sobrino and his amazing craftsman in Taxco do all of the Metalwork that you see on my products. I myself do not make the metal. I only work with the Fused Dichroic Glass. Miguel Angel Sobrino Perez is a master at his craft and this Metalwork can only be done by him and his capable craftsman. They all know how to work with many different metals 8K White Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, and Alpaca. I worked tirelessly with them to  Complete my First Collection called "Astronomica"! Using all of the potential energy of the universe to create nothing as I had done before. What I envisioned I achieved and I completed my Goal of transforming my Life. I truly hope you love my UNIQUE  Art as I have Blessed all of my pieces with Love and Compassion. Get ready for The Compliments when you wear my Jewelry, you will be asked many questions by people who will be Wondering what it is?? Just tell them to come to see me at  I love you, Yes You looking around!!

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